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I bought a 13 inch Macbook that was in the local campus newspaper just before the end of the school year. The Macbook is partitioned with Windows XP Pro. I can access either OS by holding down the option key on boot.

Here is the problem though. The XP OS has only a 5g drive and I really need a larger Windows drive. I have read about Boot Camp and how to add the Windows OS but can I re-partition the drive and make it bigger now that the Macbook has the two OS’s or do I need to start all over?

The other problem I have is my new Lab puppy got a hold of my Mac OS disk and has destroyed the DVD… The current OS version on the Mac is, Mac OS X, 10.4.11. The Macbook is a 2 GHz Intel Core Duo.

I would really like to wipe the entire drive clean and start completely over, but this will require me buying a new OS. This brings me to ask this question, what OS should I buy and will I be able to completely wipe the drive clean? Or should I just partition the drive to a larger drive?

Personally I would like to begin anew and have a fresh new install…
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