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Where I work my department manager forces me to use a Power Mac G3 for Photoshop and After Effects. Obviously it's a very slow machine, and even though our business manager has given the OK to get an updated machine and software, my department manager has thwarted my efforts and I will be indefinitely forced to use this obsolete machine.
This computer is a workhorse, and though I appreciate this solid piece of engineering, it's time to put her out to pasture. I am seeking a means to quietly put her down, so my company will be forced to replace it with some modern technology (like a nice new MacPro). Even though my productivity is a tiny fraction of what it could be, this machine won't be replaced unless it seems irreparably broken.
If anyone has some methods to make the machine inoperable I would be grateful. It's running OS9. I could obviously physically damage or disconnect components, but I'm seeking a more sophisticated approach.
Thanks in advance,
-Deprived of Modern Technology
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