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Thanks for the responses. Actually I was not aware that I ever got the post posted. I had it formatted with indentions so that you could better understand it. Then when I previewed it - everything was left justified. And I certainly didn't mean to post it twice.

What I meant by breaking down - was say putting several subfolders under the PAGES folder to describe the subject of the document.

I still have several data files yet to bring over from the Dell. I wanted to make sure I understood first.

So - sorry for the poor post and repost. I guess I have the picture now - except video and movie downloads which need some rework.

If you are still with me, is there a way to save pictures directly from a web page? In Windows, right clicking over a pic gave the option to save pic as.

And, may as well ask - how do I get to the terminal? Thanks again all.
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