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Rbosely, I too have noticed that you don't seem to follow up on your posts.

You actually have three Library folders at different levels of operation.

From Library Folders - Switch To A Mac Guides:

"The /System/Library holds files that OS X needs to operate and function. These are some files tied to the operation an inner workings of the Mac OS X operating system. You shouldn't modify the contents of this folder.

The /Library folder contains files available to ALL users and applications running on OS X. These are shared and common files. For example, fonts and printer settings. This folder can be modified by the Administrative user. This is the folder where third-party software and applications place the support files that they need to operate.

The /Users/<short name of user> folder is user specific and holds files and settings as they relate to a user's individual's preferences, recent items, web site bookmarks, Address Book entries, keychain, Widgets, and so on."

Not sure about the Downloads folder, as I only have one in my home folder, not one under Macintosh HD. Is this how things are listed in your Finder? You either have an extra Downloads folder or you are mistaking a shortcut in the Finder for a second one.

What do you mean by breaking down folders into more meaningful ones? You can always create a new folder, name it, and place it wherever you want.

What do you mean you have folders in your Applications folder that relate to downloaded apps? Do you mean you want additional apps that you download from the internet to go into a different and separate location? Not sure why you'd want to do that in any case.
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