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Originally Posted by trpnmonkey41
ok well the first link is the only one that will take advantage of the extreme card. the other two will still work but you will not be using anything "extreme" at all it will be just like the original airport card. i use regular airport with a cable connection but mines at like 7mbps so i dont notice any speed deterioration but if you are outside the range of the 802.11g you may notice some speed decreases but there is nothing you can do about that. i dont think with the regular airport you will hit above 1mbps but im not positive on all the exact numbers. one thing about the powerbook range is that airport antennae dont work as good on the powerbook because it is an all metal laptop so that does disrupt some of the reception
Alright I am going to go with the first if I can afford it... but if not.

Then can the regular card be used... I would think so but on the page list it says "Airport Extreme Ready" so can either be used or only extreme?
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