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I'm been using MacBook's as Composite Video device, with the S-Video/Video Mini DVI adapter until now... On June I ordered a new MacBook Intel Core Duo, 2.13 Ghz, and the new NVidia 9400 256Mb video. On my old computers, I just connected the Mini DVI adapter, and I had a strong, stable and powerful composite video signal to be used on our video systems (Videos, presentations, Live Events, Pro-Presenter, etc) Now, I connected the adapter to the new MacBook with no success. On the beginning I was thinking that the Mini DVI port was damaged, so I scheduled a visit to the Apple Store Genius bar, and by coincidence, the port was malfunctioning, so I had to return the brand new computer to Apple and I ordered a new MacBook Pro and on sales, they offered me the Micro DVI to video adapter, and they delivered the computer... but guess what... MacBook pro has no Mini or Micro DVI adapter... now they have MiniDisplay port, that it don't support Composite Video Adapter... so I returned (again) the MacBook Pro and this time I went directly to an Apple Store to buy a new MacBook... and this time I decided to try the port at the store... so once I tried the adapter, it didn't work, and the "genius" told me that the problem was that I had no a composite device attached to the adapter, and they have not a composite device to demonstrate that to me... so I got back to my office and I got a composite monitor, adapter and one of my old ones MacBook... back to the store and then another "Genius" tried to make it work, then he tried the adapter on other store new computers, and on my old one, and he tried also on another old one they had at the store, after all tests, he was able to confirm what I suspected... on the change of the video chip, the new MacBook has no longer composite video capabilities... Now the only way for me to get composite video, is, getting an old one laptop...

Is anyone who had the same problem and a different solution to deliver Composite Video from a MacBook or MacBook Pro?

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