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My iBook G4 (running OS 10.4) has a video memory issue which means that I can only use the machine by starting up in Safe Boot mode (shift-restart), which provides me with the means of logging in and then changing screen resolution from Millions of colours to Thousands of colours - which provides me with an adequate working machine.

The only snag is that by starting up in Safe Boot mode, I am unable to get an internet connection or a printer connection (since programs and files responsible for these connections are not loaded in Safe Boot mode).

I am not in a position to get a new machine at the moment so would like to try and use my iBook until I can source a second-hand logic board etc. So does anyone know how I can go about getting an internet connection and printer connection in Safe Boot mode? Alternatively, does anyone know if it is possible to change the system default to Thousands of colours - which may remove the need for a Safe Boot start-up in the first place?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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