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Originally Posted by Mikethebook View Post
I'm planning to buy a Mac Mini with a minimum of 2GB RAM. Its main usage will be for internet and word-processing but I also want to be able to use MacSpeech Dictate. If I have extra cash would I be better moving up to 4GB RAM (since I don't want to fiddle around inside a Mac Mini) or move up from a 2.0GHz processor to a 2.26GHz?
The 2.0GHz and 2 GB will be fine for you, I think.

I run a 2.2GHz 2 GB MBP and have been fine.

Editing video, editing audio, editing pictures, all while running multiple programs. What I'm saying is, unless you are editing HD video and I mean 1920x1280 you will have a nice clean fast running computer.

Tell you what you should do.

Find the closest Apple store and go in and install MacSpeech Dictate and see how well it runs on it.

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