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I bit the bullet and took order of a 700 mhz iBook with combo drive. I gave $550 to

Should be here sometime next week. Im so excited! My mom and her boyfriend gave me crap about it, as he jus took order of a Dell Inspiron laptop yesterday as well. We all know who's will be nicer! :mac:

Only downside is that it comes with a palty 128 mb of ram. I think that should be ok for a little bit, as i'll be doing excel and office on the desktop, and email, chat, internet on the iBook. has a good deal on 512 mb chips, 100 bucks even.

I chose expercom because they had it in stock (the combo drive version) AND they actually offer backup copies of the OS', where techrestore did not.

Im pretty happy though, picking the combo drive. I can backup data, AND watch movies on long car trips now!

Thanks for all the help guys!
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