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So. I am using my semi-new Mac Book Pro that I bought in February 2009. I take great care of it so I am not the issue here.

I am at a Fairview Marriot hotel in Cleveland, TN. On vacation. I was able to connect to their internet wirelessly two times. I worked on some stuff, emailed some documents. Shut my Mac off.

Later I tried to get back on. I connected successfully, but no internet page would load. I tried FireFox, Minefield and Safari. IChat wouldn't connect either. I called the front desk, they said there were no problems. They gave me a Cat.6 and still, even though it said it was connected, it wouldn't load any internet pages.

My sister's HP connected and loaded everything fine. A few hours later, I went into my network prefs and deleted their network from my saved networks. Then I rediscovered it and connected and now it works great! I am actually connected via the Cat.6 right now. I am afraid to try to go wireless.

Unfortunately, my sister's HP got kicked off immediately after I connected. Hers is now experiencing the same issues as I was.

Are we just out of luck. Does the hotel just most likely have a crappy 802.11 b network, so our computers are just too fast for it? Any help would be great!
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