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Hi guys,

I just got myself a 3GS iPhone and so far, so good!

The first thing I did was sync the phone with my PC to get all my contacts, calendar info and notes off Outlook and onto my new phone. I did not copy any music from the PC's iTunes onto the phone at that time.

Next I connected my iPhone to my Macbook Pro to get music off my MBP's iTunes. I managed to sync all the music as well, but I first unchecked the Contacts, Calendar and Notes tabs from syncing, because I was afraid that if those were checked I would end-up losing all of the above from the phone.

My question is: I want to now use my MBP exclusively with this iPhone. How do I sync my iTunes with the phone so that all my contact info, calendar info and notes are on both the phone and the MBP? In other words I want to back-up from the phone to iTunes this one time and then keep both devices synced thereafter.

Thanks for reading this long post!

P.S. I just checked in iTunes on the MBP, under Preferences > Devices > Device Backups > it shows that my iPhone has been backed-up. Does that mean that all my contacts, appointments and notes are now on the MBP, so that I can enable the syncing of all these items without worrying about deleting the phone by mistake? Thanks!
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