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I understand your point, however this isn't the case.

Why would I spend $400+ on a device just to treat it like garbage? This is my 9th cell phone in the past year and was really hoping it would put an end to my bad luck with cell phones.

I've followed that link you've given me several times, as well as checked Apple's support doc's and followed those. There's simply nothing left, in my power, to do to fix this issue.

If my device, that I just shelled out a large sum of money for, is covered by a "1-year manufacturer's warranty," then why should I have to pay to determine if it's defective?

I'm not paying for something that's under warranty. It has nothing to do with me not being confident because "I messed it up myself." I have higher priorities with my money right now than paying some tech agent to tell me everything I already know about my phone and do whatever the process is to get it repaired/replaced.

I know I haven't damaged my phone. I only download apps from the App Store, and even then, are few and far between. I don't care about Jailbreaking or hacking my phone, it's perfect for my needs the way it is. This problem started shortly after 3.0 came out.

My phone has been in a silicone case since I left the Rogers store the day I purchased it, and was only taken out for a thorough rub-down with the included micro-fiber cloth. It has also had a screen skin on it before I left the store as well. It's in immaculate condition.

If you do not understand why I'm peeved, then you need to re-read my original post or just not post.

I'm sick of spending hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars on hardware, only to have it fail on me. I get that during production lemons happen and maybe that's the case, I don't know.

I treat my high-priced items with more respect than I have for most of the people I know.

Apple isn't getting another dime, iPhone or computer-wise, until this issue is fixed. Period.
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