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I just spent about 25 minutes on the phone with Steve from Apple's iPhone Tech department.

First thing, Steve was a big help, he was not rude and he was great to talk to.

What makes me mad, is that I get a 1 year warranty from date-of-purchase, that covers manufacturer's defects. Great! Or so I think.

So while speaking with Steve, I gave him the low-down on my situation (slow performance, system lag, slow 3G speeds, substantially decreased battery life, etc, etc), he gave me some good info and tips regarding my slow iPhone problem.

I tried out what he suggested after I was off the phone with him, and as I anticipated, nothing helped. (see Apple Support Doc. TS1445)

What got me mad (and I didn't take it out on him), is the fact that, in order for me to find out if my iPhone is, in fact, a defective unit for whatever reason, I have to PAY for tech support.

I have to pay money, on top of the hundreds of dollars (literally), that I've paid for the phone, and for the monthly rate plan on this thing.

This seems very unfair to me! Why should I have to pay you (Apple), to troubleshoot my device, that I've already paid you $400-odd for?

After the 1-year warranty? I'm okay with that. It makes sense to me then. But while I have this 1-year manufacturer's warranty? Come on!

So now, I have to go out and spend $79 + tax to get a 2-year AppleCare plan, which I cannot afford right now, just so I can find out if my phone is a lemon or not. They need to put it in their warranty description, that services fees MAY apply if tech support is needed to determine a defective unit.


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