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Hi all, I'm in the cusp of making a decision to purchase the new MBP, but still weighing between 2 different configurations. Would appreciate it if anyone can give their 2 cents on this.

A recent review, posted that the 13" MBP (@ 2.26GHz) clocked a ~42 FPS on Doom test, vs ~84 FPS on the 15" MBP (@ 2.66Ghz-the discrete graphics version). That's double the improvement, which I deem is significant.

However, what if you add an Intel SSD X25 2nd Gen, the 34nm version which is selling @ ~ $490. How fast/significant is the improvement that you'd get from having the SSD installed on the 13"? So this is basically a SSD vs Discrete graphics card question.

This figures out to be a duel between a $1700 13" MBP + SSD vs a $2000 15" MBP @ 2.66GHz.

If anyone can give a real life comparison, greatly appreciated.

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