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I have had a new iPod classic 120gb since April and it has been working fine, but as of last night when updating, it froze my itunes and mac and so i had to restart it. This wiped my ipod, and it allowed me to plug it in and restore it to factory settings, but now everytime i plug it in it automatically starts syncing but after a few songs it always freezes itunes and i have to force close it, I have tried to delete the songs it crashes on, but then it just crashes on something else and means that I cannot put any music on my ipod, and as it automatically starts syncing as soon as i plug it in i cant change any settings or stop it before it freezes.
Please can anyone help me! Im scared to plug my iPhone in and update that as I am not sure whether it is a iTunes or iPod problem, as my ipod is fine when it is not plugged in, it works, but just has no music or anything on it.

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