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Originally Posted by StarDrifter
Okay, so the Sony x-Brite's are better than Powerbook.

But if you had to rate it, how would you rate the Powerbook's LCD display vs. the Sony or Toshiba ---> Just comparing the displays disregarding the rest of the package and software.
Don't get me wrong there is absolutely nothing wrong with the display on my powerbook at all, it is still very good but the display on my Sony is excellent.

Personally I would give the Sony display 9/10 & the PB 7.5/10 but then as a computer I would give the Sony 7/10 & the PB 9.5/10

Like I said before, I would choose the powerbook everytime over the Sony. This computer is an absolute joy to use, I would 100% recommend getting the PB over the other laptops u mentioned. :cool:
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