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I can't help thinking that the quality of the screen is not particularly important compared to everything else going on here. I have a 17" Powerbook and the screen is great. Now, it may not be the very very best possible screen available, or in fact it may, for all I know.

But with the Powerbook I get a way better system than I would from a Windows PC - more reliable, more secure, more usable (ie productivity is much better). I'm not just saying that - I've been using Windows PCs since Windows first came out, and I've only just switched to the Mac this year, so I'm hardly prejudiced.

To me, this conversation is like comparing a 42" widescreen plasma TV to a black & white portable, but being worried that maybe the buttons on the remote are better on the portable than on the plasma.

No matter how good the darn screen is on the Windows PC, you're buying a fundamentally inferior piece of technology. Even if the screen on the PC were 3D holographic, the Mac would be a better system! Remember - reliable, secure, productive.

I have 2 computers on the desk in front of me right now: my Powerbook and my works WinXP laptop. I'd still be using the Mac even if the screen was black and white!
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