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Originally Posted by Kokopelli
At the risk of being vilified on a Mac forum, the x-brite screens are better than those in a powerbook. Powerbook screens are nice and look fine in most lighting conditions, just not as good a x-brite. I do not think you would have a problem with the display quality of either for prolonged use. Put them side by side though, and the M30 (if it is comparable to the Sony's) will look better.
I have to agree. I own a Sony with a 16.1" screen & must say it's screen is better that my powerbook's. However, after owning my powerbook (my 1st ever mac) for a week now, there isn't a contest which one I would now choose.......the powerbook all day long. It's an absolute joy to use, it just feels rite. GET ONE! :headphone
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