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I have wanted an iphone for a long time. I just have a few problems with getting one. I have Verizon and am in contract with them for another year. Also, many of my friends have verizon. So after thinking for awhile about my options, I decided that the ipod touch is what would be best for me. I can use it as a PDA (replacing my out of date, brick sized Palm pilot), as well as obviously mp3 player, and for games, etc.

My only problem is deciding when to get it. I have been dying to get it, and most rumors are that a new one won't come out until late September, if at all. Right now they are giving away the ipod touch to students who buy computers so I know if a new model were to come out it wouldn't be until after that.

What do people think? Is there a good chance of a new generation coming out in September or is it worth me going out and buying the current generation?

It makes it harder because I have been looking into all the apps I want, etc.

And on a mobileme worth getting for the ipod touch??

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