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Originally Posted by Sirjammer69
Just curious all, if i might recieve some help with this, the ibook i bought from the states (ebay) is in great shape and everything and was only manufactured on may 29th, but is out of warranty has the dreaded x in the battery and the battery is toast which really sucks portability wise being tehthered to a cord as a student, so what i am wondering is has anyone acknoledged or released a 3rd party fix for this problem, i mean there is no way that this battery has been dischrged 1000 times, and i have tried resetting pram reset-all command in firmware etc etc but to no avail, any help would be appreciated on this matter, as i dont want to buy a new battery and have it flunk out because of a bad pmu chip/logic board design, thanks again all.

(that is may 29th 2002)
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