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Originally Posted by Sobe View Post
I wanted the iPhone so I stayed with AT&T, and didn't unlock it for another carrier. I had no problem doing so, as I knew it was only available through the one carrier. Call me crazy for following the law, and thinking it's silly that because two businesses are telling you how they want their product and technology, that laws should be drafted to force them to do against their own will. I love this country
While I agree that in most cases the government should not try and force companies to do things against their will, the same should also be said for the people who patronize those companies. If I want to buy a piece of hardware and modify it in such a way that makes it more useful to me, I should be able to do so. Not only that, but I should be able to tell others how they can follow in my footsteps and perform the same hacks. In today's climate with the DMCA and sue happy layers with cease and desist letters ready to go, it's not always so great.
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