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Originally Posted by MacTrooper View Post
If there is no law, what drove the unlocking of phones starting back in 2007? I remember stories in the news just before I was off to Iraq that GSM carriers had to provide unlock codes if requested. I did so for my new Blackjack so I could use it in Iraq and AT&T complied.

I see from the Wikipedia article mentioned above that it was probably linked to the DCMA ruling in late '06.

I find the whole thing funny. AT&T gets my dough whether I am using the Blackjack or the nice little Nokia that I bought in Iraq (up until I got my iPhone in April), so what does it really matter? The contract is about agreeing to service - I mean if I drive over my iPhone (heave n forbid!) and go back to my Nokia, it is still no money out of AT&T's pocket. Exclusivity is fine for the contract period, but it should be all bets off after that.
Then help Kerry makes it a law. Everyone has the power to change the laws, and voice their opinions to make things laws, but no one is doing it. People complain about it but don't walk the walk.
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