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If there is no law, what drove the unlocking of phones starting back in 2007? I remember stories in the news just before I was off to Iraq that GSM carriers had to provide unlock codes if requested. I did so for my new Blackjack so I could use it in Iraq and AT&T complied.

I see from the Wikipedia article mentioned above that it was probably linked to the DCMA ruling in late '06.

I find the whole thing funny. AT&T gets my dough whether I am using the Blackjack or the nice little Nokia that I bought in Iraq (up until I got my iPhone in April), so what does it really matter? The contract is about agreeing to service - I mean if I drive over my iPhone (heave n forbid!) and go back to my Nokia, it is still no money out of AT&T's pocket. Exclusivity is fine for the contract period, but it should be all bets off after that.

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