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I'm very frustrated with AT&T right now with their iPhone contract. I totally understand the 2-year contract agreement because AT&T subsidizes the iPhone cost. Well, let's supposed the 2 years time has lapsed...Shouldn't the customers be legally entitled to the full ownership of their iPhones, including all the internal features of the phones? Including breaking free from AT&T Sim Card and thus rendering the phone as a legally unlocked phone?

Let's supposed that you've signed a 2 year contract with AT&T for your iPhone 3G. A year has passed and you breached the contract because you want to get the new phone 3GS. Well, you obviously breached the contract by canceling the 2 year contract prematurely, but then you paid an excessive amount of termination fees to AT&T by paying the new iPhone price higher than everybody else as damages. Then, shouldn't you LEGALLY be released from all AT&T "attachments" with your older iPhone? AT&T doesn't think so, will not provide the unlock code for the phone and I believe that this is ILLEGAL since AT&T no longer has the right to the service or the phone. Let me know what you think and if I have a reasonable case to open a lawsuit against AT&T!
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