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I am a recent switch from Windows also, I originally started looking at a mac mini based upon the price for my new office. I was debating about buying Dell's for about the same price range and decided I would give a mac a chance. I bought a stock 1.42 model with the 80gig HD and ordered from a company up in the north because I didnt feel like waiting for the delay ordering from apple. Anyway, when I got the unit I only got three beeps from the unit and took it down to the apple store here in Houston and they told me the ram I had upgraded to 512MB was bad. So I called the company and told them I was sending the ram back and wanted a refund for it and ended up buying a 512MB stick for the unit from the apple store. I didnt want tÝ bother buying one and then trying to open the unit and I thought the price was fair. I have since also purchased a ipod mini, one of the new 4 gig ones with the longer battery life. I am also planning on buying another mac mini or office use as well and I successfully networked file and print sharing between my mac mini here and my windows machine. I wish I could fully migrate over to mac but unfortunately I need to find some mortgage brokers software real estate form software for mac and I have not been able to find any. If anyone knows of any I would appreciate any info, otherwise, I am really enjoying my mini and really dont miss my windows machine 1 bit.
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