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Testimonial here -- I am currently using a first generation G4 that was a replacement for a lemon G3. I too fooled around patiently tolerating advice that it was a software problem (remember conflict catcher?) until, after the millionth repair trip, I had my lawyer neighbor write a letter (for $1.00) to Steve Jobs. Well, I can say that it is the middle managers who are the obstacles because after fighting with them for months, I had a replacement from Jobs in a jiffy and now could not be happier. My only regret is I just wish I had known about first and second generations then so I could have waited about 2 week more to buy the second generation G4 with the internal burner.

BTW, I'm kind of old and have no come back when my sons tell me that "nobody in their right mind" buys Macs now. They say they are no good because of expense and compatibility problems with stuff like the programs you have to use to take professional exams, etc. Got any comebacks for such smart a%%es?
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