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I recently switched from Linux/Windows to a Mini. Copying all of my stuff was pretty much a matter of bringing up the old (Linux) machine and enabling the samba share. Then using the 'Connect to server' from Finder's GO menu entering the smb://XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX notation and it found the shares I have set up there, then map it to the desktop after authenticating. A few drag 'n drops later all of it is in my /Users folder.

Most of my data is pretty OS/Hardware generic as I suspect is most of yours. Music files (wav and mp3's), videos (quicktime, mpeg, and wmv) pictures in all the formats (including Photoshop) and documents in word or OpenOffice formats. A lot of data I had on the linux machine included Linux specific (or windows specific) install blobs which don't make any sense on a Mac. All the other stuff is but a drag/drop away once connected.

The only user data I haven't been able to move over to my new Mac is the data on my Palm Pilot. I have a Palm IIIxe which uses a serial connector for the HotSynch cradle. This is a connector which the Mac Mini obviously doesn't have, nor an IRDA port. So I got a Belkin Serial to USB adapter which I found when I got home only had drivers for Windows of every kind and MacOS 8.x and 9.X. No MacOS X. It didn't work and I was unhappy with it to say the least. It doesn't look like anything that does serial to USB (including PalmOne's own adapter) supports anything other than MacOS 9.X, and it's dubious as to whether that works at all as well. I do know that nothing I did made my Mac able to communicate with my Palm. Looks like I'm going to have to upgrade my Palm to a newer thing which works with USB, which isn't such a bad thing since I'm about due for an upgrade but still it would be nice if that USB "Just works" idea actually did, but it doesn't. The money I spent on that piece of crap Belkin that I returned will go toward a new Palm device that works with USB right out of the box.

Other than that my Mac experience has been a good one.
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