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Well...after reading til I was just about sick about these things...I took the plunge this last weekend and ordered a Mac Mini 1.25 w/Bluetooth. Unfortunately my utter lack of patience got to me and I just couldn't wait to start playing with high tailed it to the nearest Apple store today here in Houston and purchased a stock Mini 1.25 onsite. On the way home stopped by Fry's, picked up a 1 Gig stick of PC3200 and one of the Hitachi 60GB 7200 RPM drives. Got home...grabbed my favorite plastic spatula and had the thing open in about 5 seconds (without stress I might add, and no marks or broken tabs listen to some of these peeps talk around here you'd think opening one of these things is more difficult than developing a vaccine for AIDS or was cheese easy!)...popped out the old RAM...removed the drive cage...took out the fan...removed the old Hard drive and installed the new one...put the fan back on and reinstalled the drive cage...and had the dang thing completely put back together...did I mention this was all done in under ten minutes? So...if you're a hard core tinkerer, overclocker, PC builder, techie, complete nerd, or whatever you want to call yourself and you're thinking that upgrading the mini is difficult...well, let me put your fears to's a no-brainer! Mine's upstairs right this second getting OS X installed on it.

This is my first mac....and so far so good. I'll be doing the Overclock bit on it soon (I'm only going to go to 1.42)...I'll keep you all posted!

Quick question though...what's the best way to get a Win2K user moved over to a MAC? Are there any wizards or tools that automate some of the workk that needs to be done...or is it just a by-hand thing? TIA
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