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I've a almost complete idea of what I want for my setup but I'm stuck on what to do about the screen.

I've decided that I will splash out the extra money and get a desktop pc to take care of my PC gaming addiction instead of trying to run games on 15" macbook pro. (Note that I haven't bought either yet)

The probablem I have is that I would like one screen that I can use between my laptop and my desktop PC. Trouble is the laptop only has Mini Display Port and the PC desktop only has HDMI and DVI.

Originally I had hoped to buy the 24" Cinema Display and find a way to get it to work with my PC ie Mini Display (female) Port to HDMI or DVI . But I have yet to find I way to do this.

I have since however seen a Dell display with HDMI, DVI and Display Port. My thinking was to buy this and then buy a Mini Display Port to Display Port adapter Mini Display Port to Display Port adapter for my macbook. And either a HDMI cable or a DVI cable (not sure which would be better) for my desktop.

Does this sound like it would be a comfortable setup?

I really liked the idea of getting the 24" display because it looks really hot (well at least I think it does, although I can appreciate it's overpriced) but it's not very practical when wanting to use with display ports other than Mini Display Port.

What are you thoughts?
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