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I am pretty much just using Darwin for fun, to see what I can do with it. Besides the fact that I can't seem to get much running on it, I like it a lot. It boots really fast (under 20 seconds, my windows xp took over 10 minutes, windows 7 takes about 2 minutes), its very bare-bones (which I like, because then I can build from the ground up, or close to it), and its not linux (I love linux, but it has its problems).
I don't want to use PureDarwin because I feel Darwin is a starting point and that I need to add my own customization to it, PureDarwin is somebody else's customization. However, PureDarwin does look very intriguing. It looks like they are working on building a liveCD version of Darwin 9. Turns out I can't build Darwin from source right now as it can only be done on a Mac (according to something I read, I forget where, probably apple dev connection), and I currently do not have OSX installed, but I did just order 2 new hard drives, so I will soon probably.
I'm going to switch to Darwin now and see what I can do with X11R7.1 or 7.0.
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