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Nope. There are many warnings too, but there are many errors, namely while its compiling the xserver, drivers, and the fonts (fonts aren't so important). But it continues building through the errors, I know its unusual, but believe me, it does.
I redirected the errors to a file so I could read them, but it ended up being a huge file and as I am working in a Darwin, all I have is the terminal so looking through the file is difficult, its filled mostly with warnings. Heres a few I remember:
dereferencing pointer error (This is the error that keeps xserver and drivers from building)
exports/bin/bdftopcf - file or directory does not exist (One of these occurs with every font, its probably because something failed to build before)

So now that that is all said, I looked at my installation instructions again, and they say to use Xfree86 from their cvs repository, I had been using instead, from the web site. So I tried downloading Xfree86 instead, from the cvs repository, and the result was almost the same, except Xfree86 stops building after the 1st error. (dri_driver - dereferencing pointer error)

So I'm back to the drawing board. I'll try getting Xfree86 sources from the web instead, see if that makes a difference.
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