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I have a MBP unibody 17" (early 2009) running OSX 10.5.7. I had a G-Tech mini 320GB/7400rpm external hard attached via the FW-800 port. Everything was fine until this morning when my system crashed while loading Windows XP (VMware Fusion). I had to force a shut-down.

After rebooting, I discover that the G-tech mini doesn't mount. It is seen by Disk Utility as an un-formatted drive having a total capacity of 0. I'm not able to perform any operations or diagnostics as those options are grayed-out and/or non-selectable. DiskWarrior does not see the drive. Tech Tools Pro sees it, but like Disk Utility, I'm not able to run a diagnostic or operation. I have a G-Drive Q 750 GB drive that does mount to my system.

Is my G-drive mini dead? Is there anything I can do short of sending it in for repair or replacement? Fortunately, I'm pretty diligent about backing things up, so I'm not losing any data...

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