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So it looks like I bought my MacBook right at the cusp of Apple's decision to upgrade the MacBook Pro line and make the base model cheaper than my MacBook! lol

What I was wondering was, do you guys think it would be worth selling my MacBook (2.4 GHZ model) and getting the 13" MacBook Pro? Here are the differences I've picked up, I might have missed a few if you could fill me in.

MacBookPro Pros:

- Better battery life
- SD slot
- FireWire
- Better graphics card? (Can't remember off top of head)

MacBook Pros:

- Bigger HDD
- Slightly faster processor

I reckon I could sell my MacBook and get the new MacBook pro without losing much, if anything at all (Picked up my MacBook $500 cheaper) So do you think it's worth the hassle?

cheers fellas

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