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I just had a forum member ship me his battery with 29 cycles on it. I had to replace my old one since it overheated, expanded, and died (i.e. recalled in 2006).

However, this battery is acting weird. What it's doing:
- I initially tried to drain it down to 0% when it was still at 66%. Minutes later, the MacBook Pro just shut off until it was plugged back in.
- Task bar icon keeps switching between "Calculating...", "Not Charging", and then slowly gets more power (came to me at 66% and is now at 81%)
- The plugged-in power adapter keeps changing from green to orange
- The green lights on the actual battery are slowly filling up to the full five lights
- System Profiler says it's charging

So, it would appear it's charging, but why does the task bar keep saying "Not Charging"? Additionally, with only 29 cycles on it, shouldn't it eventually charge up to 3-4 hours? Thanks.
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