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Originally Posted by BigBear

I know I shouldn't expect much as far as games go but can you recommend any games that would work well on the ibook?
Heya! What sort of games do you generally play? RPG's? FPS? Strategy? lists many games for sale. Also you can find some cute freeware games and demos here. has games and demos to download.

And of course, you can go here to check the latest games news direct from apple.

I'm not much into playing computer games, but I play one or two games from time to time. A good Massive Multiplayer Game Is Yohoho Puzzle Pirates! they just opened a new free stripped down game server for non-subscribers, and you get a free 7 day trial of the subscriber oceans. If you see me on there, my pirate's name is Tofu.

Edit: [NOTE: I'm currently playing YPP on a PC, but the Mac version requires Panther. HOWEVER, the game is Java based, mostly, so you won't need any high gear screen graphics cards or anything. I'm sure an iBook will run it no sweat. ^^; RAM might be a good thing though.]
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