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Ok, i hope i can help!
1) go to and they both have great prices for ibooks, you should be able to get a decent one for around $500-$600
2) Yes, it's worth a little extra money to go to a 600MHz or 700MHz, the increase in FSB will make a difference, you can overclock the ibooks with icook ( ) but there are still some issues with it (over heating, random shut downs, etc) so i wouldn't reccomend it, it's worth paying a little more to get a higher stock speed, also icook requires 10.3.x
3) OS 10.3 is a great improvement over 10.1, much more compatiable and it does run much smoother, if you can get it, i'd reccomend it, or at least 10.2. I have a Powerbook G4 with 128MB RAM (512 is on the way...) but i can comftorably use Safari, ichat, and listen to music, OR watch a movie and chat... however the processor on mine will be a lot faster, so i would reccomend getting 768MB (most of the older ibooks have 128MB built in and will support a maximum of 640MB though, before you buy go to to check the specs of the ibook your going to buy)
4) Apples love playing with windows networks! when i got my powerbook (with airport) i just turned it on, and pop! theres my network! i just had to enter my security key (Which is found in the wireless router menu, ex. enter into your browser, the run the wizer and it will tell you the key) so compatability is a non-issue

Hope thats what you were looking for!
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