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Hey Guys,

My first post here, so hello!

I've got tons of questions. Im looking into getting another iBook. I say another because about 3 years ago, maybe more, I had the original 500 mhz snow ibook. I loved it so much, but didnt do much with it since i had narrowband internet, and wasnt in college yet. So I sold it.

Now, im in college as a science major and i'd LOVE to have excel and word on the go, as well as taking advantage of the broadband at my home AND school. So I've decided to get another iBook!

I have many questions though:

1.) My price range is about $500 or so. I've noticed on eBay that an amount of money like mine can get a 600 mhz ibook. Now, is that generally what I could get one for here on the classifieds if i watched? Also, it seems the 700 mhz models go for 550-600 on ebay. is that fair as well?

2) I know that the 600 mhz iBooks had been updated with the 100 mhz fsb, over the 500's 66 mhz. I remember way back when that people could manually overclock their ibooks. anyone know how much of an improvement in performance that was? i read somewhere it was like a 20% improvement.

3) My old iBook had a 256mb RAM upgrade. 384 mb of ram seemed to be ok, but if I got a 600 mhz/700 mhz model, i'd want to upgrade to the full 640 (or 768 if it already has 256) How does the iBook feel with maximum ram? I'm worried about running OSX on the iBook. All I ever got to use was OS 10.1 on my old 500 mhz iBook, and it ran so so so sluggish. how is it now?

4) I have a wireless system running at my house. However, all the stuff is PC brand, like linksys. Do i have to buy the actual Airport router to use wireless for the iBook? or can i just buy the wirless card and be done?

Thanks guys!
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