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Okay hi guys!
I bought my brand new iphone 2g model from new york, about week ago. I bought it from local street shop and the indian seller told me that it is unlocked. Okay i flew back to my hometown Finland and started to activate it and all i can see is grey apple logo and thats it. I thought that it would be nice to sync it to itunes, so i red some guides how to restore iphone and stuff like that but the problem is that _every time i try to restore MY PHONE TURNS OFF_! Every time i try to restore, use ibrickr, appatapp, everything and in that critical point when Itunes is starting to restore iphone it TURNS OFF. and that sucks!! Im starting to think that my iphone is fully broken and i cant never fix it... So please guys, please I need all ur help! I appreciate ur help!!
In a nutshell my _achievements_ are
1. I can turn on my iphone WHEN it is in USB cable, without USB cable i cannot turn it on
2.I can get grey apple logo and yellow square "please connect to itunes"
3. I can even get my iphone to DFU mode
4. I dont know what is my iphones firmware so its hard to reset, and everytime i try to reset phone goes off and itunes error (1604) comes.

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