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Originally Posted by BigBear
Just curious do you know how big of a difference 768mb ram vs. 1.25gig ram performance wise? say running regular applications (itunes, surfing web,etc..) I ask only because of the setup you currently have listed :yinyang:

Well, I'm not Meyvn, but I can contribute a bit to your question. Basically, you aren't going to notice much, if any, performance difference unless you are maxing-out your current memory during use. To do this, you'd have to be running a large number of programs, or a few very memory-hungry ones. As as example, I did a small test when I read your question here and had Safari, AOL Instant Messenger, iPhoto, iTunes, iCal, Adobe PhotoShop, Microsoft Word, and AppleWorks all running at the same time. I have 640 MB of RAM on this machine, and that was more or less the point where Activity Monitor (also running) told me that I was out of RAM and relying on the virtual memory. Obviously, I never have that many applications running simultaneously, but I suppose some people might. The additional 128 MB on your machine should mean that you'll have plenty of RAM for pretty heavy everyday use.

Now to go close all those programs...


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