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Thanks for all the informative help I've found on this forum.

I have a peculiar problem. A friend created a document in Word 2008. I opened it in my (newly installed) version of Word 2008 just now and the line spacing is double. I'm not talking about the spacing after the paragraphs. I've read about the 10 pt default and fixed that.

I had the same problem with her documents a few days ago when I opened them in Word X.

Documents created in Word 2004 are fine when I open them in Word 2008.

This is making me think that maybe there's something in her version of Word 2008 that is causing this to happen. The line spacing appears single on her computer, but double on mine.

In the Formatting Palette, the Line Spacing is single and the Paragraph Spacing After is 0. But it doesn't display that way.

Thanks for any ideas!

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