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Just to add to the other answers here...

Adding memory is a snap, and buying from a place like will be significantly cheaper than going to Apple.

The hard drives in iBooks, especially the 12", are extremely difficult to replace. If you want a larger drive, my suggestion would be to buy it at the onset directly from Apple and have then build it in.

Comparisons to various Intel/Windows setups are all over the map. I'm certain you could find "reports" that view either favorably. The only real test in my opinion is to run what you normally run yourself and see how you like it.

You don't need an antivirus program. Or anti-spyware, for that matter. Sure, companies sell them, but you don't need them.

Office docs transfer perfectly from Windows to the Mac. The only application snag I hit was with Quicken, which I used for years on Windows: the Mac version can import most of what the Windows version uses, but a few things are lost in the translation. Fortunately, I didn't use any of the features that didn't translate.

I have Virtual PC 6 with XP Professional running as I write this. It's really a band-aid solution for some apps that I haven't migrated yet. It's not something I would recommend running as a regular operating environment, but it gets me through a couple of rough spots once in a while. My goal is to eventually remove it and recover that 2.5 GB. :-)
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