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Your web link doesn't help unfortunately, and from the price you paid I'd suggest to you that the RAM you've bought is unsuitable for your Mac. Sure, some generic (major brand) PC memory will work in a Mac, but you're far better off sourcing Mac-specific RAM. I'm almost sure the RAM for your model of iMac should be low density. See the specs at 500 MHz iMac (Mid 2001) Specs or Apple iMac (Early 2001): Technical Specifications. [Strangely, every site about the G3 iMac I've checked does not mention RAM density, or single-sided or double-sided.]

OWC is still, in the opinion of many, to be the best place to shop for Mac-friendly components. Is there a problem for you importing RAM into the UK?

Once again, here are the details of your iMac but it doesn't provide answers to your questions iMac (Early 2001 at
and 512MB PC100 CL2 168 Pin SDRam 2-2-2 fo... (OWC100SD512328) at OWC.

There are ways to find the nearest Mac shop with a Google search using Mac UK, eg. Memory Apple Mac Parts and Repairs from VIS Ltd
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