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I recently ordered a 12" Powerbook from Apple, I cancelled the order yesterday because I went to Comp USA to see it, and it was just too small for me. So after looking around a bit I see amazon has the Powerbooks with a $150.00 rebate and even a $200.00 rebate on the 17" Powerbook Superdrive loaded but only 512 mb of ram. I assume this is only one chip as Apple states on their website, which would easily upgraded to 1 gig. The bottom line is that the 17" would cost $2494.00 after rebate and no tax.

My question is this..... has anyone ever purchased from Amazon? Another nice thing I noticed is that they have a 30 day DOA return policy as opposed to Apples 14 day.

One more question, has anyone had the trackpad issue, jumping, eratic movement etc.?
I saw on another website that it may be better to wait a few weeks until this issue is resolved.

Thank you once again for your help!

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