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I'm getting quite annoyed now. I decided to have a closer look at my MacBook, all over.

I've found this little cracks all over the case, in random places.
Under the Ethernet port, on the circle used to take the battery out, on the indent on the front of the laptop, used to open the lid, at the back of the laptop.
The casing around the screen feels like it's coming off, if I tap it, near where it says MacBook, it makes a sound, and there's a gap where you can tell it's coming off.

Here are some pics:

this is the first set of cracks i noticed

then the cracks went on further

extremely bad picture, but these are the cracks under the ethernet port

this is the raising of the case near the ports

this is the raising of the back case

Couldnt get a decent picture of the case around the screen coming off.
It's bugging me because I didn't pay for this laptop to essentially fall apart!
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