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Originally Posted by dakineyj View Post
Yes the Control Center. My stuff is so old, I had it before switching, I'm not sure if it came with it, so I download it from Logitech. I would bet that if you tried you could probably replicate what is happening, one of the buttons on the mouse may be confused. I would start by installing the control center. Once that is installed you can find it by going to the Apple Menu, Preferences then the control center is on the bottom.
I have that installed. Don't think that's it any more. I think it has something to do with the sensitivity of the touch pad area (to the left and right of the touchpad..where your wrists rest). As it just happened again as I was typing a reply to another forum thread. Suddenly the cursor had highlighted an area of text. Nothing would remove this. Pressing Esc or the space bar. Had to press the touch pad's bar to turn off the highlighting.

Periodically, when I use the touch pad, the cursor would just stop. Not often but once in a while. It would just not move no matter where I moved my finger on the touch pad. Then I'd regain control again. My touch pad has to be replaced. And I better do it soon before the warranty is out in July. Or I'm going to be footing the bill.
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