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I just moved and had new internet set up. As usual, I entered a password for my internet and joined my network, but the password I entered was wrong and the Mac has already remembered that wrong password. So I turned airport off and turned it on again to enter the right password, but mac doesn't recognize the right password even though I checked "remember this network" everytime, it keeps using the wrong one.

So I went into KeyChain under Application, delete the airport network password of my network, turned airport off and on again to enter the right password. Now, KeyChain doesn't log in the network password at all. So every time I turn on the computer it asks me to join the network and type in the password. It even prompts me to enter join the network every time it awakes from sleep.

I check "remember this network" everytime. I tried every possible deleting the .com.airport.preference.plist, deleting all the log in password in KeyChain, but after I enter the password it still does the same thing. I basically have to enter the internet password and join my network every time the computer starts and awakes from sleep.

I think it is caused by me deleting the airport password in KeyChain at the first place. So now what should I do to solve this annoying problem? Thanks.
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