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I was doing a website for free, also, for a famous Chinese ballerina and her dancewear store. I would drive about an hour every so often to meet with her and the basic return was that she'd buy me dinner when I'd come visit. At some point she started getting snappy with me telling me I wasn't doing it fast enough and she wanted it to be an e-commerce site, etc, and I had to let her know if that I wasn't getting paid for it (the food was less than the gas, lol) so I finally did a fast draw-up of the site and put it up for her. She didn't like the layout so I told her that's all I had time for (I was working at a magazine about 60 hours a week at the time) and I just never contacted her again.

I do regret it, though, because she was a very nice woman but when you mix business with friendship, it never turns out too well.
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