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Originally Posted by mkwick
SO- this is a post I am not used to leaving. I finished a site for someone at a very, very low cost. He began with having me take all the creative freedom I wanted. The first draft he did not like, the second one I changed for him exactly what he said he wanted again. He arrived the other day and asked me to put all his bad, bad, bad, outsider art/ child art on the site. He is a musician, a very talented one, but limited in social skills.

Outsider art can be great.... but man.....

I am not posting his site address. It is too embarrassing. Now he is complaining again.

Has anybody had a bad experience like this? I have never had someone dissatisfied, in fact now I am having people line up for my work...

I think I am going to give him part of his money back and ask him to find someone else. Someone who will charge him alot more and so he can waste the time of someone else.

-the annoyedand abused designer....

yeah I would move hold because his going to hold you back on other clients if his not pleased. I had someone like this and I told them to find someone else in a nice tone of course. Told them I was sorry I was not able to meet their needs (I was doing this for free also).
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