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Originally Posted by chscag View Post
As far as making an insurance claim on your homeowner's insurance policy, unless your deductible is low or you have individual items scheduled, you may find that the machine is not covered.
As I can't speak for all insurance policies because different people have different budgets - most I have seen, have an "Umbrella Policy" with different maximums for electronics and computers. For instance, any computer equipment up to $10,000 is covered. Heck, I was in a car accident and my MBP got smashed because it flew out of the bag, and I wasn't even close to home. My homeowners insurance covered it and then went after the auto insurance company of the ditz that hit me.

As far as deductibles go, I really doubt his deductible is more than the replacement cost of a 15" MBP. I know NJ insurance stinks a real ripe one, but most people have $1,000 or $1,500 not $2,400+.

Anyway, lets just hope Apple replaces is and if they don't I'd be one of the very, very many people calling and writing letters to air my disgust that they didn't replace it. If in fact it was defective. If his house wiring is reversed polarity with an open ground, then he should go after his electrician or his home inspector (if its a recent purchase). Honestly, if you already have romex in the house, a require to fix polarity and ground would be less than $1,200 and not just a good investment, but a darn good idea if he wants to not burn to death in the middle of the night.

Anyway, it's probably all moot, as this has happened before and there is already a Class Action suit about it. With enough pressure from the good old court of public opinion - he should be fine.

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