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So the story is that I was doing an initial backup over my network to a time capsule. It needed to copy over 100GB of data and, as the manual states, "you may need to plug your computer in and leave it on overnight to complete the first backup". And that's what I did. I woke up an hour and a half later with it burning. I'm sure it wouldn't be as bad if I caught it early, but I was asleep. There was smoke coming out of the keyboard, around the edges and out the ports on the left side. It wasn't a black smoke really, it seemed like a lighter, grayer smoke. The magsafe, though, was completely engulfed. There were green flames coming off of it. I had a folder underneath the computer too and that burned as well.

Another thing, I believe it's the computer not the magsafe. This laptop has broken two other power supplies, granted not to this extent. Yesterday, I just got the laptop back from the Apple Store again because the logic board and fan assembly needed to be replaced, I think due to the same issue. I was so happy to get it home only to find 6 hours later it was on fire.

I am a perfectionist when it comes to my Apple products. I always utilize safe operating procedures when it comes to the magsafe.

I just got back from the Apple Store today and they're replacing it, no charge. The head genius wasn't there though and I'm told I'll need to talk to him.

I'll keep you updated.

Thanks for all of your concern.
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